Day 7: Doing Life Restored (DLR)

Author: Jessica De la Rosa


“Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

Isaiah 61:7


I’ve always been told it’s important for a family to have a mission statement; something they stand by and believe that represents who they are. I’ve had the privilege of being married 18 years, and together with my husband, we have 4 amazing kids. As I look back on our years together, I am reminded that many of those years were full of pain. We made many poor choices. For so long, we tried to do life without God.

As a family, we gave up on each other, and we gave up on what God said about us.

In our most broken state, God came to the rescue. He taught us how to love again. He healed our pain, and He made a beautiful testimony out of our lives. We are a family that can say we have been truly restored by the grace of God.

The definition of restoration is to return something to a former condition. This is God’s promise to all who call upon His name. It doesn’t end there! According to God’s Word, everything stolen from His kids must be returned double!

This is His Promise for you!

Our family now has a mission statement; a purpose we live by. Not only have we been restored; we now live our lives to help others find restoration. This is our double blessing!

I think God wanted us to remember this when He gave us our name. Many who know me call me DLR: the initials of my last name (De La Rosa). As a family, we are proud to be called the De La Rosa’s. Now, DLR is a reminder to us of our mission statement and our purpose in life.

We are the De La Rosa’s and we are Doing Life Restored.


I declare that everything the enemy stole from me WILL be recovered. God WILL give me a double portion for my pain. I WILL have a double blessing for my obedience and I WILL rejoice because joy belongs to me!

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