Day 1: Recognize & Receive

Every year as a church, we pray & fast corporately for 21 days to get clear direction from God for our lives and the new year. This year, we will be reading the book of John together (1 chapter a day). Today is Day 1.

Today's Reading: John, Chapter 1

Have you ever recognized someone, but they didn't recognize you? For those who happen to have an excellent memory, it can feel quite awkward when you remember an individual that you met years ago, but they don't recognize you.

This very thing happened to Jesus. John 1:9-11 (TPT) says:

"For the Light of Truth was about to come into the world and shine upon everyone. He entered into the very world he created, yet the world was unaware. He came to the very people he created - to those who should have recognized him, but they did not receive him."

The very people that were supposed to know God didn't recognize Him. This verse said that they didn't RECEIVE Him. Have you ever not recognized something that God wants to do in your life? Have you ever not received His correction, love, or guidance?

This year, God wants us to experience Him in a new and different way, but to do so, we need to RECOGNIZE and RECEIVE His Word.

The definition of recognize is: Identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again.

This year, God wants you to know Him again; not based on your past relationship with Him but in a new way. The way we know God is by reading the Bible and through prayer. As we begin this 21 day fast, commit to reading the Bible every day. Don't be side-tracked or distracted.

The passage in John finishes with:

"But those who embraced him and took hold of his name were given authority to become the children of God!" (Verse 12)

When we embrace Jesus and know Him, we know who WE are - children of the living God!

Today, ask God to help you recognize and receive what He wants to do in your life through these 21 days, and know that you are His child!


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