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No Longer Bound

Updated: May 9, 2018

40 million Americans report they suffer from anxiety,

16.1 million suffer from major depressive disorder.

We know that you're thinking....if they only knew Jesus they would live a life of joy, peace, and living out their purpose fully.

However, this is not entirely true. Here's a story of a young woman who:

  1. Knew Jesus

  2. Attended church AND volunteered

  3. Was living her purpose

  4. Experienced depression, fear, and anxiety

Meet Brenda Morones

Brenda is a 26 year old musician, who as long as she could remember struggled with fear, depression, and anxiety. At 8 years old, her parents were told that she had symptoms of early onset depression.

As a child she became a product of her environment; one of fear, anxiety, insecurity, anger and rage. Her everyday life was filled with constant hostility between her parents which resulted in their divorce. These experiences turned into a distrust not only with the people around her, but also with God.

"How can I trust something I can't see if I can't trust the things I can?"

In 2014, she stepped through our Elevate doors for the very first time. She initially did not tell anyone she was a musician because she did not want to use her gift of drumming. After some time she decided to no longer keep running from her call and she decided to join the worship team. Every week she would cry on the way home after service and replay every mistake she made. Fear paralyzed her to the point where she experienced weekly panic attacks, nausea to the point of throwing up, and uncontrollable crying.

"I had to break through that to get to the other side."

Brenda's identity changed when she shifted her focus from the way she saw herself to the way God saw her.

You are all around me, behind me and in front of me. You hold me safe in your hand. (Psalm 139:5)

If you're out there and find yourself struggling with fear, anxiety, and depression realize this:


The process is different for everyone. Breakthrough is a choice everyday. Realize who to run to. Instead of dealing with it on your own, allow God to work it through with you. He's waiting.

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