We Go Together Like...

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Peanut butter and jelly. Oreos and milk. Cookies and creme.

Watch this amazing story of how one person discovered the power of community.

Bettering alone is difficult, but having others there makes bettering a little bit easier when the growing pains hit. Elevate Church wouldn't be where it is today if the body of the church was not willing to grow and stretch with one another.

Samara (22) further explains what it means to do life with one another in the church:

“Honestly, for the longest time I struggled to incorporate people in my routines, in my life because I always had a feeling that people would betray me. As the series has been progressing and the Word is connecting to my spirit, it’s been a lot easier for me to ask people for help, or speak to people, and incorporate them in my decisions.”

Not only is it encouraged from God to be in unity with one another, it is God's given dream for us to be in one accord pursuing the same dream to further His kingdom. God will place people in your life that will pick you up when your falling, that are willing to sit with you and listen to you, but also to challenge and stretch you to go the extra mile for Him.

Trinity (14) explains:

“I thought being together means socializing and having fun. You get to do stuff that you want to do with your friends. It means more than that. I have been doing things on my own, doing my own work, doing my own things because I think I could do stuff by myself. When I started listening to the series, I realized you can’t do anything without people because we’re better together.”

When all the growing pains have been worked out we get to rejoice with one another in the victory. We then get to witness the ripple effect of a community coming together in unity, under God’s dream, because after all we is better than me!

“This message series has been very, very important to me because it reminded me that I’m not on my own. It reminded me that I have a team and it takes everybody to do their part and operate their spiritual gifts for the harvest to have fruit."
- Kurt (55)

We would love to hear how this message series has changed the way you view community. Please leave us a comment below.

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